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This is an experimental, collaborative calendar / event list for the City of Victoria and surrounding neighborhoods* which attempts to make a broad range of community events a bit easier to comprehend and navigate. It is non-commercial, and events are arranged by time / date and category without regards to popularity, automated recommendations, or organizer prominence. Furthermore, a number of filters (available in the left-hand sidebar) allow events to be identified by keyword, category, or admission**. Events will be added regularly, and it's possible to sign-up for customized notifications by clicking the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner (the box with three stripes) and opening "Preferences". Furthermore, events can be exported to your personal calendar by clicking the "Share" menu in event descriptions. There are many other features which you may find useful, so please feel free to explore the menus and links.

Although the posting guidelines are quite flexible and broad, an emphasis is placed on free/low-cost & drop-in events/activities, conversation spaces, community gatherings, volunteer opportunities, and special events (festivals, fundraisers, etc.) which foster social engagement and less insular communities. If you are a community member who would like to become a contributor with direct access to adding events, are inspired to create a similar calendar for another region of Greater Victoria (or for a particular neighbourhood / event niche) and would like to have it listed here.

To learn more, get involved, or notify us of a correction, please email vicbc@pm.me.

*For sake of focus and accessibility, events in areas of Greater Victoria which require an extensive commute from the downtown core (i.e. using highways or extensive bus routes) are not included here, nor are some highly frequent types of ticketed events (e.g. general concerts, major films, etc.). That being said, these guidelines are meant to accomodate community input and may change at any point.

**Please note that some limited-capacity events may charge an entry fee, ask you to RSVP, or outline other requirements, so be sure to double-check descriptions for registration information / a "Sign-Up" button and other important details.

‡This calendar is also meant to demonstrate a possible alternative to other methods of community event-sharing through the use of a free, highly-customizable collaborative calendar system which anyone can use without registering. In the future, it may be upgraded to a paid plan in order to expand its scope and add more filters.